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11 Awesome Study Tips For Students

11 Awesome Study Tips For Students

Developing good study habits can be done in different ways. The study habits that you practiced in high school might not be effective in college but with the right actions, you can still be a part of the Best B.Tech Colleges in India such as KIT. In this segment, we have listed 11 helpful techniques to help prepare all of the students to improve their study habits.

1. Finding a good study spot

A good spot is very important. The environment of your spot should be where there are no distractions. That environment will help you be focused on your assignments. The best place for such an environment is the Library. It’s a perfect spot to get some real work done but if you don’t want to go to a Library you can always choose some other place which serves the same purpose.

2. No social media

When we talk about distractions, social media comes first place. One can easily waste 20-30 minutes or even more without even realising. Emails were an important evil to keep life going but nowadays communication through social media is more than just emails. There are many apps to distract you or even a phone call can sway away your precious time. Such apps would help you further when you move towards your dream career after studying at KIT, one of the most preferred choices in Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore.

3. Maintain distance from your phone

Phones in general can easily distract you. The best thing that can be done to avoid distraction is to put the phone on silent, turn the notification off and flip it over so that you don’t look at your phone now and then. Or if this also doesn’t help it’s better to switch off your phone. An even better idea is to keep your phone out of sight to avoid the temptation to check your messages. First thing first, the world can wait, but you have to maintain your focus on study and get in the Top Colleges in Coimbatore like KIT.

4. If no willpower, enlist the help of an App

There is an App called Focus Booster which works as a Pomodoro technique where you work with a focus for 25 minutes and then you take a five minutes break. This app also helps you keep a record of your productivity and revenue charts.

5. Take a break and self-care

The college takes a lot of hard work and just like any other work, you deserve to have in-between breaks. Taking a little break is the only option to not get exhausted and stay focused. You must not be hard on yourself and take care to keep the attention towards your academic career. The journey to get into Top Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore like KIT needs a great balance between your lifestyle.

6. Be organised

If you’re not a legal transcriptionist, transcribing lecture notes can make your notebook look a bit messy. The right way to tackle this problem is by recording professors’ lectures so that you can understand the lesson better. The best way is to transcribe the recorded notes. This helps you in going back to the part of the lecture where you don’t understand.

7. Create or join a study group

College is difficult and we can’t deny that. But when you meet and talk to other students who are going through the same and struggling to understand the coursework it could be a little comforting. Joining or meeting with other students helps in teamwork. Someone can help you in your assignments where you’re struggling or you can help others. It’s all about teamwork and helping each other to succeed in studies and get through Top Mechanical Engineering Colleges in India like KIT.

8. Plants, music and aromatherapy

Science is a beautiful thing, in this case, it’s simply, studying the effects of essential oil and plants on focus, concentration and memory.

Lavender is good for relaxing the mind and it has a great effect on memory. Its oil and tea is used to relax the body for good sleep

9. Have some time left for a last-minute review

This is where your well-organized lectures will be in use. You should always have some time for a last-minute review. Here we are practising a tried and true memory game. This is a technique that most students apply as a habit while preparing for colleges like KIT as it is enlisted as the Top Colleges in Coimbatore.

10. Knowing your best learning styles

It’s very crucial to know what are your different styles of learning as every person has different ways to retain information.

Just know what is your style of learning, what works best for you and it will assist you in determining how to study, when to study and all other important factors.

11. Make study time a part of your routine

When cramming into a long day doesn’t work for you then you can always experiment with something that’s new and a little less stressful. Studying a bit every day is more important than studying occasionally or when the exams come, so try to take some time for studies in your daily routine to put less stress on yourself.

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