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Electronics and Communication Engineering


The vision of the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department is to cultivate excellence in both academics and research in producing proficient Engineers to furnish the global needs.

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering which was started in the year 2008 offers a UG programme (B.E.) in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The Department has a team of highly talented, experienced and qualified faculty members. There has been a consistent development in all spheres including infrastructure, staff and the strength of the student.

The Department believes in serious academic pursuit and encourages radical and creative thinking which paves the way for creativity and innovative ideas. The qualities inculcated into the students make them not only good engineers but also good human beings. The excellent placement record of the Department, which has been consistently above 80 % for the past several years, is an ample testimony to emphasize that the Department strives hard to meet the industrial needs.


  • To impart high quality education with ethical behavior.
  • To provide technical research and intellectual resources that will enable the students to have a successful career in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering.
  • To provide a passionate environment for continuous and progressive learning.
  • To nurture the ability and to nourish the social responsibility among students.
  • To build the leading edge in technologies and systems required to achieve excellence in academics.
  • To establish the Centre of Excellence in emerging research areas in accordance with leading industries.
  • To promote the inherent talents in every individual student with utmost concern.

Engineers make the world a better place; they take a fuzzy idea and turn it into something real.


Electronic and communications engineering is the utilization of science and math applied to practical problems in the field of communications. Can we imagine our daily life without mobile phone, laptop (computer), television, tablets, digital watch, internet banking, ATM cards, Wi-Fi, internet connection, microwave Oven and many more gadgets and communication systems. No, we cannot. All these are possible due to Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE).

Robots will also be part of our lives very soon and embedded electronics which is a sub branch of electronics play an important role in this. All of this makes ECE an interesting field to study and work.

With the evolution of technology, Electronics and Communication has become an essential discipline that is required by every other industry.


  • To provide various technical programmes, value added courses and hands on training for knowledge enrichment to students.
  • To stimulate faculties for their quality improvement in both academics and research activities.
  • To assist sponsored research, funding projects and consultancy work.
  • To nurture creativity among students and mould them to be an entrepreneur.
  • To establish and maintain the network with alumni association.


  • Electronics Lab
  • Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Lab.
  • Analog & Digital Communication Lab.
  • Optical & Microwave Lab.
  • Computer Networks Lab.


  • Efficient AGRO farm Irrigation System Maintenance Emphasizing Failure Detection and Energy Conservation
  • Intelligent Control of Vehicle using Brain Computer Interface
  • The Geographical Location based Energy Aware Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • An Autonomous Networking Military Security System using Self Reconfigurable Robot
  • Power Allocation based Green Cognitive Mobile Network in Smart Grid Technologies
  • Development Of Measuring Device In Automobiles During Fueling
  • Design And Development Of Wireless Printer Adapter Using Raspberry Pi Microcontroller
  • Design and Development of Biometric Voting Machine.
  • ECE students have uploaded their project demonstration in youtube for Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge -2015. The link is
  • V.P.Vignesh have submitted two projects in “Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology ”for best project award on 18.08.2015.
  • Ebenezer and his team received Rs.8, 000 /- cash prize Scholarship for best project from IEEE Madras Section.



Apart from academics our students groomed in all dimensions that is required to compete in fast growing technological world. Here we spot few of our achievements.

  • Anandapadmanaban K of Final Year ECE was awarded “ISTE Chapter –Best Student Award -2019”

Innovation and novelty does not lay in words. Our students filled and published Patents for their work.

  • Smart Glucometer by Anandapadmanaban K.
  • Polyvalent Antigravity Robotic Vaccum Cleaner by R.Monica and S.Devisathya.

Our students Padma Prabha SSG and David Conqueror achieved 1st and 2nd place in Drishiti contest by Texas Instrument.

Innovations of our students were displayed in National Science and Technology Fair 2019.

Our students proved their excellence in extra -curricular and bagged with medals.

  • Sudharshan S of final year ECE won Second Place in Inter Zone Athletic Meet (State Level) for the year 2019-2020 in the event 20 km walk
  • Vinitha of third year ECE won Second Place in Inter Zone Athletic Meet (State Level) for the year 2019-2020 in the event 5 km walk


  • Caliber Embedded Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore
  • Thick India, Coimbatore
  • Wax Wing Automation , Sivakasi
  • Fiabilite Network Solution Pvt, Ltd, Bangolore.
  • Texas Instrumentation

Association Clubs

  • ELECTRONICS CLUB – Make students to design basic electronics circuit and get familiar with PCB design.
  • E-YANTRA CLUBTo – create the next generation of embedded systems engineers with a practical outlook to help and provide practical solutions to real world problems.
  • VLSI CIRCUIT DESIGN CLUB – The club envisages the microelectronics and embedded system study in following broad activities considering the process of designing, modeling, simulation, circuit fabrication and evaluation.
  • NATURE CLUB – Supports & motivate students to develop eco- friendly environment.
  • PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT CLUB – Co-ordinates various activities to enhance the students personality and concentrates to make them employable as well as to face the real world with spirit.

Department Activities


Value-added Courses


In addition to university curriculum. We supplement the curriculum to make students better prepared to meet industry demands as well as develop their own interests and aptitudes.

Students are provided with Value-added Courses on

  • Arduino and ARM LPC2148 based Embedded System Design.
  • Basics of  Electronics(Activity Based Learning )
  • Single Board Heater System
  • SCILAB based Image Processing
  • e-SIM
  • expEYES

Apart from value added courses we organise seminars, workshops, hands on training and Industrial visit. A glimpse of the events is here

  • Hands on training on  “Smart Phone Troubleshooting”
  • Workshop on “Image Processing using MATLAB”
  • Guest Lecture on ”Communication and Signal Processing”
  • Hands on Training on “Embedded System Design”
  • Workshop on “Circuit Simulation using PSpice and MULTISIM”
  • Hands on Training on “ PCB Design using ORCAD”

As curriculum extension activity we established e-Yantra laboratory which provides a pathway for Robotics education and Robotics based application development.

Texas Powered Instrument Embedded System lab is another path of extension activity.

  • Six teams submitted their innovations to DST and Texas Instruments India Innovation Challenge design Contest 2019.