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Why placement and training programs are important? How does it shape one’s future?

Placement has become the foremost necessity in today’s money-oriented world. The students as well as their parents expect good placement opportunities from the institutions they choose. Meanwhile, the colleges ensure job opportunity to almost every student by conducting training programs to sharpen the skills of the students when they attend interviews. Such programs are meant to help the students in different ways. KIT, one of the best Engineering colleges in India offers ample placement opportunities. It is more committed towards providing education along with the skills required for placement.

1.Creates an exposure

The students are brought up in such a way from their school days that they are trained to face only examinations successfully. Once they go out, they will be facing the real world for the first time and they will be asked to work with that world. In the training programs, the students are taught how to face the external world practically through internships.

2. Skill development

To attend an interview and become successful, the students must have certain skills like aptitude, presentation and so on. The placement training programs conducted by the placement cell at KIT focuses to develop essential job and interview skills for the students thereby enhancing their chances of getting selected in the interview.

3. Building the confidence

The most essential element to face an interview is to nurture the confidence of proceeding till the end. Many students lose opportunities due to their lack of confidence. The training programs are designed in such a way to eliminate fear and insecurity among the students and boost their morale. Once they are provided with the much-needed confidence, they are all set to go.

4. Speak with power

The younger generation mostly avoids stage talks and a popular term associated with this preference is called ‘stage fear’. With proper training given in the college, fear is eliminated and students begin to understand that it is a pleasure to convey their feelings to the audience and this practice helps the students to face the interviewer with utmost confidence. KIT, one of the top 10 Private Engineering colleges in India gives special verbal training to the students to boost their level of confidence.

5. Choose your career

In training programs, the students are provided with information about various fields and it enables them to choose the one they are passionate about. The lack of information is a serious issue and the placement programs never fails to present even the minute details on what’s happening in the world and which domain has a good future and more career options.

Karpagam Institute of Technology is the best college for engineering in Coimbatore with state-of-art facilities and excellence in technical education and extra-curricular activities. KIT offers a dynamic atmosphere to learn and apply the learning in personal life. Students at KIT are trained to be independent thinkers which is very important to achieve big in their academics and career.

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