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Great achievements of KITians

Karpagam Institute of Technology is one of the top Engineering colleges in India with the mission of providing excellent technical education to the students with dynamic faculty and the state-of-art facilities. The institution is equipped with latest technological developments and provides a platform for the students to become independent thinkers and employers at the top companies. Students at KIT are regularly involved in extra-curricular activities and have made a mark in many academic and sports in the recent years. KIT, one of the best Engineering colleges in Coimbatore provides all the support for the students to participate in various events across the country.

Mr. M. Gokulavasan has participated in the Inter-Zone Paralympics Meet 2019-20 at Anna University and won the Gold Medal in Shot Put, Gold Medal in 50 mt walk and a Silver Medal in Javelin Throw.

Formula Green Team (BRUTALE MOTORSPORTS) from KIT secured the Best Team Award amidst First-Time participants. The students were also congratulated for the low-cost Formula Vehicle Fabrication at Karimotor speedways by ISNEE.

Ms. Abhirami and Ms. Janani won the First Prize in Python Programming event at the National Level Technical Festival “SAMHITA ’20” organized by the Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University, Chennai.

Mr. Mano Bharath won two Gold Medals and one Bronze Medal in the 16th AISF National Level Silambam Championship 2020. He is also selected for the “Asian Level” Silambam Championship.

Mr. Sudharsan has secured the Third Place in the Mens’ Walk (20 KM) event at the State Level Inter-Zone Athletic Meet 2019-20. He completed his walk in “2:01.21.00 Sec“.

The I, II and III year students from KIT participated in the “Internal Smart India Hackathon” conducted on January, 2020 and exhibited their problem solving skills for the Smart India Hackathon problem statements.

The students of Karpagam Institute of Technology took part in the “National Science and Technology Fair 2019”.

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp was organized in January, 2020 and it was funded by the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India.

Gramma Saba was organized in Seerapalyam Village. KIT, one of the top 10 Private Engineering colleges in India instills awareness among the students on the importance of taking part in such social events.

Time and again, KITians have proved their mettle through praise worthy achievements giving their best in all the events, both academics and athletics. KIT, one of the top colleges in Coimbatore encourages the students and provides them with specific trainings and necessary skills to take part in such events. KIT enables the students to shape themselves to face any competition and shine better in their careers.

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