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Automated Emergency Traffic Control: Features and Applications

AETC (Automated Emergency Traffic Control) is an automatic control of the traffic signals that free up the way for emergency vehicles. Emergency vehicles are forced to wait at traffic signals because people are blocking their path, which increases the risk of an accident when people cross the signal too quickly.


Why do we need an AETC?

Emergency vehicles have their own importance even a second of lag might lead to chaos. Although the traffic rules can be violated by the public during the crossing of these vehicles. This violation had led to accidents and in other cases delayed the emergency vehicle.

In order to overcome this problem an automated traffic light is needed. It detects the frequency of the transmitter in the ambulance and matches it with the frequency of the receiver on the road that is set before 1 km of the traffic signal. The receiver cars positioned on the signal get this signal once again. Once the traffic is overcome, change the green to release the car that is parked at the lights, and once the frequency has been turned off, everything returns to normal. It is frequently the best option and simple to implement in daily life.

It reduces the risk of accidents at heavy traffic junctions and is also effective for emergency vehicles to reach their place in a faster time.


Block Diagram

Automated Emergency Traffic Control: Features and Applications


Features & Applicaions

  • Reduce the risk of traffic
  • With this AETC we can safely decrease the time of arrival
  • it is important for the emergency vehicles to arrive at a sharp time
  • Even a second of saving may save his own life.


Traffic control systems are more about directing or managing traffic. If we do this properly, we can ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. It organizes traffic movement and order to reduce the chances of accidents. Finally, this traffic control reduces the time vehicles spend on the road. As a student of BE engineering courses or maybe any stream but to develop more innovative ideas on traffic control systems.

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