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Emerging trends in EEE: Quantum computing, energy harvesting and beyond

Emerging trends in EEE - KIT

In recent years, you have seen a rise in investment on developing technologies and new applications to enhance networking capabilities. Many agencies, organizations and businesses of various sectors are contributing to AI developments like automation, robotics and computers which now join various industries. Now the electrical department is concentrating on better techniques to store, use the energy for the future. If you are pursuing in the top EEE colleges in Coimbatoreyou get awareness about the energy storage and trends in EEE where electrical engineers are contributing to resolve the global issues. Let’s discuss quantum computing and the emerging trends in this field.

What do you know about quantum computing?

Electrical engineers need to learn about quantum computing which involves algorithm development and explore operational or non-linear power systems. These resources are required for renewable energy applications. In short, solar panels, battery storage and electrical vehicles follow these computational sources to analyze the efficiency and prevent energy disruptions, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Emerging trends in electrical and electronics engineering:
Electric vehicles:

You can see the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) which is considered a better solution to control climatic changes and air pollution. The innovation in the electric cars industry is now exploring in narrow ways that includes more efficient batteries, and charging infrastructure. This makes electrical engineers join the trends of innovation and fresh solutions to update the features of electric vehicles.

Artificial intelligence:

This is increasingly giving many opportunities to electrical engineering field, in terms of developing new products, services and operations. Everyone knows the establishment of AI tools in terms of self-driving cars and smart homes, and it is also now focusing on the area to improve the efficiency of the power systems and distribution. However, the electrical engineer role in understanding artificial intelligence is,

  • Develop complex algorithms for data interpretation
  • New codes and revamping existing codes
  • Develop AI and machine learning platforms
  • In the electronics field, implement various strategies
  • Detecting any deviations in electrical systems
Energy storage:

Electrical engineers need to explore and utilize the renewable energy sources which are considered common. It is because there is a need for energy storage solutions which is increasingly important. Therefore, engineers are focusing on developing new technologies for energy storage that include batteries and super capacitors. It is useful in vehicles or other applications. Companies like Tesla and Vivint solar are looking for the latest innovations in storing energy.

Smart grids:

 Another emerging trend in the electrical engineering field is smart grids. It uses advanced technologies to monitor and control the distribution of electricity which makes the system more reliable. This allows end-to-end communication between distribution sites or power plants. The smart grids collect valuable data that allows both users and suppliers to get control over multiple power sources.


The use of connected devices and systems are what currently people like to use and thus cybersecurity plays an important role in managing the digital issues in the electrical engineering industry. Business and large-scale companies are working easier and smarter because of these connected devices. Thus, engineers focus on cybersecurity technologies to protect against the cyber attacks and ensure the safety of credentials and networks.

Internet of Things:

The smart grids, smart lighting, visible light communication and some electrical engineering landscapes have a huge impact on the Internet of Things. Therefore, the functions are more likely monitoring, distributing and automation of electrical utilities with IoT applications. The best examples are advanced metering infrastructure and remote control operation of energy consuming devices.


 Engineers now implement these gadgets while shooting music videos or filming, much likely used in the entertainment industry. However, a recent survey says that the engineering and construction field are much more familiar with drones. Electrical engineers can use this gadget to detect the danger of electrical zones without intervention or putting humans at risk. This provides safety as the electrical engineering industry utilizes it for recording and analyzing the sites which increases productivity and efficiency.

Battery technology:

 It is one of the influential trends in the electronics and electrical engineering sector. Batteries are an essential part of machines to operate and electrical firms and departments are working on developing the batteries, trying to improve their durability and ability. For instance, quantum computing could take advantage of and comprehend how the cutting energy of proteins function, which brings about better batteries for electric vehicles.


There are various technologies that are experiencing rapid development and continue to advance in this field. The top 10 Electrical Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu are now focusing on future innovations and witnessing the development of incredible ideas. There are scopes and opportunities in various sectors, once you acquire a degree in electronics and electrical engineering. As you advance in the industry, you will always have the chance to broaden your skill set because many companies provide fresher electrical engineers with some kind of skill-based training that benefits their future. 

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