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Impact On Ece And Eee In Future As The Electric Vehicles Are On Rise

In the current period, the electric automobile market in India is seeing a rise, especially among the students passing out of the top college in Coimbatore. By 2030, India is expecting more than 30% of total vehicles to be electric or hybrid vehicles. As per the Indian According Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE),  in the next 10 years in India, the electric automobile industry is going to create a huge number of jobs.

NITI Aayog, in its report on the policy framework for EVs, has estimated that more than 2 million additional jobs will be created by the EV sector by the end of 2050. The government is looking forward to the EV industry to support the country’s economic growth.

As per the Times of India, the electric vehicle industries are going to offer more jobs in the coming years to students passing out of reputed colleges like the best engineering college in Coimbatore. The automobile industry in India is working to launch electric vehicles with different variants. With the launch of electric vehicles and the increase in use, many opportunities are coming up for electrical engineers.

Scope for electrical engineers

The undergraduate and post-graduate students of the Electrical Engineering branch of KIT, the top 5 college in Coimbatore, will soon be getting opportunities in different job roles in the EV industry. Electrical engineers also have opportunities to start their own start-ups in allied fields.

Scope in Research & Development

With the rise of the latest technologies like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and advancements in manufacturing techniques, there are a lot of opportunities for electrical engineers to explore career options in the research and development of electric vehicles. EVs are mainly facing issues with the battery charging time, battery size, performance, and life of the batteries. With variable torque requirements, battery performance improvements are the key area of research for Electrical Engineers studying at KIT, the best BTech college in India.

Designing Scope

Electric design is one of the important aspects of electric vehicles. Electrical engineers can improve the current design of electric vehicles by making improvements to the motor, braking system, electronic gadgets, batteries, and electric lighting. The opportunities for students at KIT, the best engineering college in Coimbatore, to develop systems with better designs from the point of view of economic and environmental aspects can be considered as a viewpoint for design engineers. Of course, enhancement in user experience is always the priority when it comes to automobile design.

Manufacturing scope

The manufacturing units for electric vehicles have a requirement for a skilled workforce. The skills associated with motor design, battery design optimization, manufacturing process design, and operations Electrical engineers can find opportunities to further their careers in all of the above sectors with skill enhancement to fulfil the different job roles.

Maintenance scope

Most of the present workshops are being transformed into electric workshops. The maintenance of electric vehicles requires electrical and electronics maintenance. Development of electrical maintenance workshops will be needed in upcoming years. The maintenance of electric vehicles will mainly involve the maintenance of the motor, batteries, and electronic accessories. Electrical engineers have good upcoming opportunities to adopt the technology and start their own enterprise in the electrical maintenance of automobiles.

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