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Scope of Information Technology in the Tech-Savvy Gen Z of India

Tech-savvy Gen Z—the term in itself looks interesting, right? Many might not know what it is. Information technology (IT) is going to dominate Gen Z. Let’s see who is in Gen Z and how IT is going to dominate this generation.

Who is the tech-savvy Gen Z generation?

The new and younger generation is called the “Gen Z generation.” The kids who were born after the 2000s can be added to the list of Gen Zs. When they were born, more technological developments took place, and science even entered our homes in the form of smartphones, home appliances, etc.

Information technology was developing when kids were born in the 2000s. Think about the kids who will come to this world after the 2030s; the world’s technology will be at its peak. They might even travel in hyperloop trains, just as we now travel in normal trains and buses. So, these Gen Z kids are dominated by technology more than the previous generations.

Gen Z will be surrounded by information technology everywhere.

Even a one-year-old kid knows how to operate smartphones because their parents use them all the time. There was an era when moms used to feed food to kids by telling stories and distracting them by showing the moon, which is the main habit of Tamil Nadu and Indian moms.

Now Indian moms have also advanced. They feed their kids by showing them YouTube videos. Babies are asking their parents’ phones to watch videos while they are eating.

The dependence on technology is visible in front of our eyes. You can see this happening everywhere around you: in your family, in public places, etc. Whether this is good or bad is debatable.

From this, we can understand that information technology is dominating Gen Z kids even from the age of 1. Let’s now see how information technology is going to dominate tech-savvy Gen Z kids in India.

The role of information technology in Gen Z

Information technology is dominating Gen Z in every part of their lives, be it education, entertainment, or family—everywhere is surrounded by technology. Can you find a kid who doesn’t play games on a smartphone? If you find one, it’s a miracle.
It is not wrong to use technology in this information era. It should be made sure that it develops Gen Z in the right way. Everything has both positives and negatives and this applies to information technology too.

We are in the same technological world where many Gen Z died because of playing a game called blue whale. So beware and use technology responsibly. Let’s now see the positive impacts IT can do on Gen Z.

The scope of information technology in Gen Z

The scope of IT for Gen Z kids is endless. Some of the important aspects are listed and explained below.

IT in Education

After COVID-19, education is influenced more by IT. Online classes became a reality to a wide extent only after COVID-19. There were online classes even in the villages.


The generation of the 1900s watched movies only in theatres, is that the situation now? Definitely not. We are influenced by the OTT platforms such as Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, etc. Many high-budget films of famous stars are even becoming flops as people are not ready to spend much money to come to theatres to watch movies. They easily watch them via OTT platforms which are cheap providing the best content.


Technology has entered transportation also. It’s visible via Automatic cars like tesla where the car drives on its own. This is possible only with the involvement of IT.


Social media to meta via virtual reality (VR) Big MNCs are focusing on virtual reality to connect with people. Facebook is working on VR. It is a reality that they changed their parent company’s name to Meta.

IoT, AI, and Data Science

The Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining importance now. They have even entered our homes. We can operate the home appliances, cars, etc. by sitting in our office.

Another field that has a major impact on IT is artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. Robotics work with AI and IoT. We now have robots that can sweep our homes. Data science deals with big data management.

Information is the true wealth of Gen Z

Even for this generation and the Gen Z generation, information is something that is going to make money and create wealth. The IT field is seeing a boom, which will also result in many employment opportunities.

To enter the field of IT and innovate more things, you need a proper educational qualification. You should study Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) to enter this field.

Before selecting a college search for the best CSE colleges in India, and understand their infrastructure, professors, curriculum, NIRF ranking and certification. Then shortlist the Top 10 colleges from it. Work and study hard in your school to get admission to those colleges.

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