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9 Ways To Improve Engineering Students’ Ability To Become Employable

According to a recent survey, one-third of college freshmen plan to major in science and engineering from reputed institutes such as KIT, top colleges in Coimbatore. But only about 8 per cent of all first-year students intend to concentrate on engineering proper. Some of these engineering students are destined to land major leadership roles globally, while others are losing motivation or the right path.

We took some time to find out what current engineering students could do to put themselves on the fast track to career success. After considering the thought processes of experts, we concluded some of the best tips, most of which would work for any career-aspiring college student at KIT, the top mechanical engineering college in India.

1. Know Who inspires you?

For Apple product lovers, Steve Jobs could be their idol, or perhaps you love the Segway and its creator, Dean Kamen. You can easily find out a lot of information about Jobs and Kamen—or just about any other prominent person in technology—so use it to look into what’s helped these people and their companies become so successful.

2. Invest time in creating a portfolio of your projects.

While you are at KIT, one of the top 10 private engineering colleges in India, participate in every hands-on, experiential learning opportunity that a balanced schedule allows. This way, you’ll have something unique to show a prospective employer when you graduate, while other students will only be able to list their courses.

3. Learn the importance of networking

Leadership provides you with a great edge in your life and whom you know is almost as important as what you know. Attend lectures on your campus at KIT, one of the best BTech colleges in India, and introduce yourself to the speakers. Check with your school’s alumni association to get a list of alumni from your program who want to connect with undergraduates.

4. Be a team member

Working well in teams can provide a lot of life value for you. Whether it’s creating a solar-powered car, participating in a sport, or writing for the college paper, get involved with an organization that requires a team effort to produce great results at KIT, the top 10 private engineering colleges in Coimbatore.

5. Maintain your informal leadership positions.

Remember, you are a leader, whether you’re officially in charge of a team or not. It sounds confusing, but you can lead from any position in an organization by influencing how people work together and how they make decisions.

6. Work on your flaws.

Knowing your flaws and working on them to fix them is what you should practice. As with any skill, leadership needs constant improvement. When you are part of a team, try to create a way to get feedback from team members, group leaders, and professors.

7. Go for a business class

While you are at KIT, the best BTech college in Coimbatore, it might seem absurd to attend a business class, but it’s not enough for you to be technically proficient; you also need to have business savvy. If you’re going to be a leader, you need to understand what a P&L is, read organization charts, know how to negotiate contracts, and be familiar with the myriad other functions that every top engineer needs to know.

8. Go for design & other humanities classes

There’s a wide world out there beyond problem sets, laboratories, and theory. Take a visual design course so you’ll learn to represent ideas graphically. Take a cognitive science course to learn how people interpret the world and understand it.

9. Make summer vacations or vacations productive.

Employers place tremendous value on practical experience. Seek out internship opportunities actively and early in your academic career. Try to demonstrate through your internships a series of evolving leadership experiences, and use the internships to build your portfolio of actual projects/products.

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