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9 most in-demand Engineering courses in 2021

The dream of every student after completing school education is to choose the right course and institution for higher studies. It is not an easy job as it involves a lot of components. Engineering is chosen more by the students due to the enormous career opportunities that it provides. It is believed that an engineering graduate would secure a well-paid job as soon as he completes his degree. After choosing engineering as a career, it is vital to choose the right course that fits in with our dreams and goals. KIT, one of the best Anna University colleges in Coimbatore provides the best education to the students.

Computer Science and Engineering

We are witnessing a tremendous growth of the IT industry and the software engineers from CSE are being demanded everywhere. The CSE graduates are most likely to secure some of the highest paid jobs across the world after completing their education.

Mechanical Engineering

This oldest branch of engineering is preferred by many youngsters who are passionate about automobiles and machines. A Mechanical Engineering graduate is more likely to be hired by the top manufacturing companies. KIT, one of the top Mechanical Engineering colleges in India enables the students to learn their subjects in a practical manner.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

If you are passionate about circuits, signal systems and gadgets, ECE should be your choice to build your career with progressive growth. The graduates of ECE are hired by top employers from around the world.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is all about the designing, planning and maintenance of various structures essential for life. There are new construction projects in India everyday and so the demand for the Civil engineers keeps growing day by day.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers are most likely to be employed in construction projects and the manufacturing units of electrical components. They are provided a very good salary by the popular companies.

Chemical Engineering

This is the study of chemical reactions that influence our everyday life and solve our daily problems. The Chemical engineers have the opportunity to get placed in food manufacturing and processing industry, petroleum and fertilizer industry.

Aerospace Engineering

If you are interested in designing aeroplanes, missile, spacecrafts and rockets, do not think twice before opting for Aerospace Engineering. The need for talented Aerospace engineers is huge and they can grow at a faster pace in achieving their dream career.

Biomedical Engineering

This branch of engineering deals with the principles of Chemical Engineering in order to solve the problems in the medical field. It involves the manufacturing of artificial body parts and surgical machinery.


Biotechnology is used to create different products through living organisms and biological systems. The graduates of Biotechnology are eligible to get jobs in famous companies with a reasonable pay.

Karpagam Institute of Technology, one of the best colleges for engineering in Coimbatore is filled with dreams and excellence. The aim of the institution is to provide quality technical education to the students with state-of-art facilities and a dynamic atmosphere for them to learn at peace. The students of KIT are well-read and are fully passionate about their education and life.

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