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Top 10 Fresher Ready Tips for Budgeting

Beginning your career journey is a fresh start and we welcome first-year students who are blessed to get admitted in the top colleges in Coimbatore. It is a big achievement. Hence, take time to celebrate your victory. First-year students always come with many dreams and hope, yet they are filled with hesitation, confusions and adjustments they need to make in near future. On the other hand, you need to be ready to make yourself comfortable. So there is a demand to spend huge money even after your college fees. Some of the fresher students would suffer and spend huge amounts without knowing the value of money and suffer at the end of the month. This article covers what kind of expenses freshers meet and how to tackle these through budgeting. Let’s discuss this.

1. Socialize but don’t overdo:

Socializing with friends and other roommates in the top Computer Engineering Colleges In India is a good way to avoid loneliness. Don’t be a lone person when you choose to study in an engineering college. You can create a great memory by spending time with friends like planning a day out to nearby places, coffee shops, cinemas, theme parks etc.

Remember, you need to plan 2 or 3 days before and share the expense with your friends. This idea may help you in managing your monthly budget. However, a sudden plan to nearby places is always exciting but when you don’t have money for this, try to postpone it or else take a loan from your friend when you’re sure about returning it.

2. Cooking vs Buying Food:

As a first-year student who is from another state or staying in a hostel, it takes time to adapt to the food. Even if the food is good you may get bored or thrive to try something new. If you’re using food apps without knowing how much you spend a day, then it would become a headache. It is always better to order food in restaurants or hotels on special occasions. It is now easy for you to keep track of your food expenses.

If you miss homemade foods, better become a hero and start cooking for yourself like noodles, bread, eggs, fried rice or other items that can be stored without a fridge and check the expiry date beforehand. This way you can become a cook and most of the hostellers can relate to this situation. Though the best B Tech colleges in Coimbatore have a canteen facility, it is better to cook yourself for breakfast, dinner or weekends.

3. Look for student jobs:

It is quite hard to save money which parents usually credit at the end of the month. So, it is better to research for student jobs where most of the colleges offer jobs like in libraries, data entries, through which students can gain pocket money.

If you want to make these jobs useful and to add to your CV, then search for jobs available in your field. Coimbatore B Tech Colleges allow their students for part-time jobs, research work or any seasonal jobs. This way, students can develop their skills, gain experience and earn their money.

4. Public transport comes to the rescue:

Don’t spend too much on the bike or Uber autos, it becomes quite expensive as you have seen the petrol or fuel price surges. So, it is always better to look for public transport, cycle or walk to reach campus. This way you can get your time for yourself, relax and can physically be fit too. So, you can reduce the travel costs even if you’re going for day-outs with friends.

5. Is it good to invest in books?

Nowadays, the top 10 engineering colleges in Coimbatore offer a book through some sort of discounts where you can use it for certain periods like referring to or taking notes. The other way is to get help online. Nowadays, technology has developed and faculty started to take classes and upload in channels. It will be helpful for students to learn better and there is no need to spend too much on books and easily take notes online.

6. Sell things that are no longer needed:

The colleges offer a programme for seniors who are in final years to sell their things, books and notes. This way you can get to buy the required things either for free or for fee. In this way, you can easily prepare a budget and spend according to it.

7. Shop only needed:

Hostellers know the risks of buying everything and no place to store it. So, don’t always buy tinned food, toiletries, paper, snacks or other items for future need and not for later use. There are supermarkets who might attract you with discounts and offers, try to buy things which are wallet-friendly.

These financial savings might help you in learning how to live with the things you have and a disciplined approach to monetary habits in future. Prepare things needed to buy before you go shopping, whether it is college life or after college life. Set a personal budget, achieve periodic goals and keep following these habits. Hope these tips are helpful and can get you an experience of how to spend and save money.