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Future career options for Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) in India – 2022

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a highly preferred engineering course after computer science and mechanical engineering. Approximately 6,11,440 students join the ECE course every year in India. It is essential for a student to know about the future career options in the ECE field before joining the course. You will get clarity on whether to choose this ECEmajor or not after reading this article.

What is Electronics and Communication Engineering?

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) means learning about the flow of electrons in various electrical and electronic devices along with communication systems. Some live examples of electronic devices are chips, circuits, mobile phones, home appliances, medical instruments, flash drives, etc. In communications, you will learn about wireless transfer, radio, the internet, broadband, satellites, etc.

Electronics Engineering vs Electrical Engineering

Most of the engineering majors’ subjects are interrelated with each other. You might be perplexed by the distinction between electricity and electronics.Electrical engineering deals with the flow of electricity like its generation, distribution, etc., whereas in electronics you will deal with electricity at a small level, focusing on the flow of electrons. Imagine how electricity flows through circuits; it’s a low-level flow of electricity. This is one of the major differences between electrical and electronics engineering. ECE has a lot of future career options due to the innovative research and development going on in this field. Let’s now examine in detail the future of ECE engineering as a major subject

Major Research & Development areas of ECE

Innovative R&D is underway in many sub-areas of the ECE field. Both multinational companies and the government of India are promoting research and development in the ECE field. The growing sub-areas with the highest future career options are listed below.

1.Embedded AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a trendy area now, and many scientists are focusing on developing high-end AI. Some simple examples of AI are robots, self-driving cars, and parking cars. The Embedded

AI field in ECE works on low-power AI solutions and real-time processing to enable intelligence in robotics and in different electronic and industrial equipment. It is estimated that about 1.5 billion AI chips will be sold in 2024.

2.Energy Electronics

Electric trains and high-speed bullet train technologies come under the energy electronics subsection of ECE. The main focus of energy electronics is to develop innovative automotive electrification systems, power devices, energy management, autonomous distributed power systems, etc.


We are connected with each other, with machines, and with physical space in a lot of ways. The best example is using cloud-based voice services like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple Homepod. Connectivity deals with such technologies as the Internet of Things (IoT), telecommunications, 5G radio wave engineering, etc.

4. Sensing

The technology of sensing deals with sensors that use wave technology, analogue and digital circuits. Sensors have a wide range of applications in various sectors, like the health sector, defence and security, etc.

The technology of sensing deals with sensors that use wave technology, analogue and digital circuits. Sensors have a wide range of applications in various sectors, like the health sector, defence and security, etc.


Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) is an advanced electronic technology with great applications. VLSI deals with creating Integrated circuits. VLSI circuits are used mostly everywhere including microprocessors in personal computers, embedded processors in automobiles, chips in graphic cards and cell phones, etc.

All these areas under the ECE field have great future opportunities. Best Electronics companies like Samsung, Apple Inc., Dell Technologies, Hitachi, Huwaei, Intel, LG, etc are concentrating on the above-mentioned research areas which creates a high demand for Electronics and Communication Engineers worldwide.

Famous companies in India that recruit ECE engineers

ECE engineers with high skills are in demand globally. Some of the Top companies in India that recruit ECE engineers are listed below. These companies also prefer recruiting ECE freshers with high pay.

  1. Robert Bosch
  2. Continental Automotive
  3. Havells India Ltd
  4. WIPRO
  5. Tata Tele Services
  6. Cisco Networking
  7. Dell India
  8. General Electric
  9. Bajaj Electronics
  10. Bharat Electronics Limited
  11. Reliance Jio
  12. BSNL
  13. Philips Electronics India
  14. Infotech
  15. Microchip
  16. Texas Instruments

Many more ECE companies can join this list. Even as an ECE graduate, from Top ECE Engineering Colleges In India, you can join a start-up company, you can gain a lot more experience and easily join the MNCs. But you need high skills in your domain to get the high pay.

Research opportunities in India

The Government of India is taking various steps to increase research and development in various fields. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is taking steps to promote R & D in the electronics sector.

After completing your B.E. ECE, you can also do your post-graduation and doctoral degrees. This can make you a scientist in the field of ECE. A well-known research centre in India is ISRO. ISRO needs ECE engineers for satellite communications. You can apply for the ISRO exam after completing your BE, ECE, and become a part of ISRO.

You can also do your PG and doctoral degrees at central universities and IITs. You must pass one of the entrance exams, such as GATE, TIF GS, NET JRF, and so on, in order to begin your Ph.D. with fellowship.

In Tamilnadu, finding postgraduate and doctoral degrees in state universities is difficult. Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Coimbatore, with an A+ grade by NAAC, provides M.E. Power System Engineering, which will be the best postgraduate course to consider after completion of your BE, ECE.

How to select the best engineering college in India for the ECE course?

The NIRF ranking in India is the first and foremost thing to consider in selecting the top ECE college in India. You should also check for placements in the engineering colleges, which will increase your job opportunities as an ECE fresher. When it comes to the Top ECE Colleges in India, you should be very cautious in your selection, as there are many engineering colleges in Tamilnadu without proper

infrastructure. You should shortlist colleges that are ranked in NIRF, like Karpagam College of Engineering, which has a good infrastructure with thousands of placements every year. Research properly before selecting your engineering college. Your engineering college should have proper infrastructure, amenities, and experienced faculty. Make sure you check all the details on the college website and also visit the college in person before joining

How to choose an engineering major subject?

Each engineering major has different specialisations and a wide range of opportunities. Before selecting the engineering courses, be sure to understand the subject properly. Select a course which you are interested to learn. Check the future of that engineering field, and what work you will be doing if you have completed that engineering course. Get advice from your parents and relatives who are working in the field. Then come to a conclusion about which engineering course you are going to select. There might be a lot of influences in selecting your engineering course, so think analyze and then make your decision. You have read about the ECE course now and its future career options in India. If you are interested in another engineering course research and know about it properly and then conclude which engineering course suits you. If you aren’t able to select one major engineering course, you can always get help from the professors of Karpagam Institute of Technology, Coimbatore which is one of the Top ECE colleges in Tamilnadu, India. It is approved by AICTE with Anna University affiliation. We are happy to help and support you anytime!