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7 Resume tips that will make you stand out in your next interview

A resume is the first impression you make to the employer. It is the most important part of your interview process. To make you stand out in the crowd of applicants for an interview here are the best 7 resume tips that are listed and explained below.

1.Craft your own resume template

If your resume needs to be unique, try to formulate your own template instead of buying one. Research, check references, and finally make your own template. Some job applications need a resume in a specific format, so check it before applying. Even different countries follow different templates for resumes. If you are applying for a job in any foreign country, make sure that you follow their style in your resume template. Make your resume look professional and appealing. Ask for the help of your professors to make your resume. Having an experienced mentor teach you how to make your resume relevant to your field of study is an added advantage.

2.Let the resume be short and to the point

A resume is not a detailed explanation of your education and career. A detailed explanation of all your education and experiences is the curriculum vitae, also known as a CV. A resume is meant to be short and to the point. Only the essential details that are required should be present. Generally, a resume should not exceed 2 pages. It is your part to make sure that your resume follows the rules and is made appropriate.

3.Give only the true details

Give only the true details in the resume. Add skills that you already know well. Most of the time, interviewers start asking you questions about your resume. So, be cautious by only adding the true details. Properly add the educational course details. You must have studied engineering in college at some point, but you may not be aware of which university your college is affiliated with. In such cases, properly check with which university your college is affiliated. Most of the Top Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore are affiliated with Anna University, and some colleges can also be autonomous. Know the true details and add them. This also applies to the grades you have scored. Be truthful with what you say in the resume, even if it is your hobby.

4.Use correct language

Use proper English throughout your resume. Don’t compromise on this as it creates a bad impression. If you find it difficult, take the help of your professors and mentors and learn to use the proper English language in your resume. The language used in the resume differs according to your field of study. When you add your skills and work experience, this matters a lot. Appropriate field-related language in this section helps the interviewer understand the in-depth knowledge that you have acquired while studying in Top Colleges in Coimbatore. Even just the correct words you put in your resume can help to show your experience in the relevant field.

5.Use bullet points

More than paragraphs, when you list down your experiences, it gives more of a professional appeal. So, using bullet points is preferred over the paragraph format. You can also use numbering to list down your experiences. Using bullet points gives a proper structure and format for your resume. It makes your resume more aligned. When you give the points in bullets, it’s also easy for the interviewer to go through them. This increases the readability of your resume.

6. Add your social media profiles

Adding your contact details is an essential part of the resume. In this era of technology where we are all connected by social media, it is good to add your social media profiles. Make sure you post the proper things on social media, as your postings can even backfire on getting your job. A more appropriate social media profile is LinkedIn, which is a professional social media platform. You can mention the social media profile details, which will help the interviewer to look into it if needed. Nowadays, interviewers also guess about your character and your professional attitude from your social media profiles.

7.Check for errors

A resume is your first impression that makes an impression in your interview. It is essential that your resume is error-free, even if there are a few small mistakes. Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. You can even use free grammar checking tools like Grammarly to find out any errors. The formatting of the resume should also be taken care of. Formatting gives the proper alignment and structure for the resume. Check out the heading too. Finally, make sure that your resume is error-free. You might apply for different jobs and roles. Make sure to edit the resume according to the job you are applying for. Edit wherever necessary before sending a resume. Don’t send a resume without knowing what job you are applying for. Most of the time, people make this mistake when their resume and work experience are not relevant to the job they are applying for. Don’t make this blunder and edit your resume each time you apply for a new job. At least check whether all the details are appropriate for the particular job. Resume writing should be taught properly in college by professors who understand how to create a resume specific to your educational field. Karpagam Institute of Technology (KIT) is an engineering college which is one of the top Anna University Colleges in Coimbatore

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