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Building an online presence for placements

The landscape is evolving, and finding jobs with direct interviews has now switched to online interviews. If you’re sure about a career in your desired field, then it is important to build an online presence. Today’s industries and businesses are adjusting to digitalization. Now it is necessary for the final-year students to acknowledge this evolution, understand the growth of the online hiring process, and learn how to apply to achieve their dreams. Usually, final-year students prepare their resumes and look for companies that are suitable for their career dreams. This article is for the freshmen to develop their online presence for placements and its importance.

Tips to assist a professional online presence:

  1. What is your passion or interest? It is important for you to disclose when you’re interested in the hospitality industry to ensure the world is aware of it. It is always necessary to highlight your interests, efforts, and achievements through online platforms. It helps to gain and impress future employers because they get to know you and scrutinize whether you can meet their expectations or are suitable for their job description. Engineers need to analyze their strengths and create a huge effect while sharing their experience and knowledge.
  2. Start to understand what your niche is. For the same job position, there will be a lot of applicants who choose to apply. Therefore, engineers who choose their field as software developers or data analysts, whichever the position, need to make a unique online presence. It is better to have your voice heard when publishing articles, blogs, or sharing any useful information via online social media platforms. Future employers are mostly likely to search for candidates via business social media platforms; therefore, you need to find a way to stand out from the potential competition.
  3. A website is another option to build a strong online presence. It is not necessarily where the website is for business purposes; it is better to create a personalized website that shows your experience, commitment, internships or projects, and knowledge gained from webinars or seminars that are completely related to your career growth. For example, if you wish to become a software developer, you can create a website explaining your learning about the codes and fundamentals of programming.
  4. The idea of creating your professional brand. You can see various YouTube channels for explaining concepts regarding various engineering studies and many more. It actually helps future generations; however, when you connect these links and establish yourself as a professional brand, you may create your own business or gain attention from various industries to use your engineering creativity.
  5. Your online presence expands your name and creates a separate brand for you. Participating in online events or making any contributions that help improve your resume. And establishing your awards or achievements on social media makes employers connect with you. This indicates you’re following the trends in your field and the slight degree-to-skill gap, which makes it beneficial for the engineers to choose you from the large pool of applicants.
  6. When you consider finding your profession through social media, you can benefit from the networking opportunities. Find professionals in the field of your choice on LinkedIn or Twitter and establish a connection with them if you have the opportunity to meet them. Creating this network of connections is an excellent way to advertise your name and personal brand. Members of numerous professional groups can like or join their social media profiles. You may be able to network with organization members as a result, which may open doors to relationships with some of their contacts.
  7. Always be aware of what you post on online social media platforms. Check out your online presence by searching for yourself on Google. Also, watch what you publish on social media platforms because potential employers will visit both your personal and social media pages. Make sure nothing you’ve posted could jeopardize your job opportunity. Make sure anything you submit is private as well to prevent identity or brand theft. Make sure it remains private despite the hard work you are putting into building a strong online presence.
  8. How do I maintain an online presence? It is clear that more businesses stay relevant while publishing content on social media, which applies to the students who are establishing, exploring, and highlighting their skills. Therefore, consistency is essential when you start to use various platforms. The best frequency varies based on the kinds of platforms you use. For instance, a lot of people find success with posting on Instagram stories daily. Posting once a week, though, might work on YouTube.


Coimbatore B-tech colleges encourage students to create and develop their online presence with their skills and talents and expose their knowledge via various mediums. Therefore, students need to start with an idea about their career, achieve it, and be suitable to match up with today’s demanding career descriptions. As technology grows, employers search for freshmen who can stay up-to-date and have creative and critical thinking skills to make their businesses grow and gain benefits from it.

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