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10 Fun coding projects to improve your skills

Fun coding projects for skill improvement

The first step of programming is when you discover your skills in coding. It is not always “Hello world!” but you can take up challenges more than that. For computer students who intend to begin their careers as software developers, then it’s necessary to upgrade, and polish their coding skills. Though the Coimbatore B tech colleges let you assess your skills but learning and taking challenges have no boundaries. You can analyze your own performance while involved in coding projects. This article will give you an idea to enhance your coding experience.

Top 10 coding projects for college students:

There are various aspects you need to prepare before you choose your coding projects like which language is familiar to work with, issues/problems which you are going to resolve, and objectives. These features help you to narrow down the scope of the project and help you to stick to the decision of trying coding projects.

Though it is not a one-day process, you may get tired or frustrated, but if you’re dreaming of achieving your goal, then it is possible. Here are some of the fun 10 coding projects you may try and challenge yourself.

JavaScript Game:

Design a small game using JavaScript for any new developer where you can showcase what you can do with your skill set. There is no existing framework when designing a game from scratch and you require to learn an incredible amount in the process. This will help them to make you a better developer as you start to take up challenges. When you develop a JavaScript game, you can highlight these on your portfolio where it can highlight your career.

Simple application:

Another idea for practicing coding is to create a simple application. Though it can be challenging to think of original application concepts, the first app you create needs to be simple like a to-do list or calculator. Today’s programs are always developing new features where you need just new coding skills and performance where you need to try out the newest developments.

Web scraping:

With the use of Python, web scraping is possible. This involves the process of extracting structured data from the internet, selecting data, and transforming it into other content that includes stories, research and more. You can try these projects which are excellent for those new to Python. The next time you see data online that cannot be downloaded directly, try using your Python skills to extract the data into an importable format.

Try chess game:

This kind of complicated task is also challenging. Consider all of the chess rules, then imagine coding them into a single online application! A game with this many moving parts needs intricate computations and algorithms. You can gain practical experience with chess variation manipulation, artificial intelligence, input/output, and other topics by making your own game.

Develop your own social website:

Engineers or developers need to learn the basic coding skills to develop websites as everyone knows about the rise of digital business. This is a real starter for the students to create a social networking website project with your software skills of PHP, Ruby or advanced languages. You can also develop a site which is an efficient and user-friendly site. However, it depends on utilization of script to generate a unique profile page, database to hold user account information.

Online store:

You can see the basic skills for the developers that today market search for is creating an online store. This is an opportunity for engineers to create an online store which gives competitive edge and highlights your coding skills. Because this project requires more than simply a user database to run, the components needed for an online store are a little more complicated than those needed for a social networking site. This is where you have to create a script that supports a product page, checkout, shopping cart, and other e-commerce features.

Open-source project:

Have you ever heard about open-source projects? This is for budding or new developers where they can enhance their skills with these open-source projects. They not only present a fulfilling task, but they also give you the chance to get input from others without the burden of working on a commercial product for an employer. Lastly, you can build your network and influence the coding community by participating in an open-source project.

Solving GitHub Problem:

You may come across GitHub while enhancing your coding skills. This platform is for software developers which provides a hosting environment for real-time programming cooperation among developers. You can work on a master list of text-based, algorithmic, and structural challenges that need program development on GitHub. This gives an opportunity to enhance your coding skills and kind of brainstorming.


Engineers with the help of mentors and guidance are able to acquire the necessary coding ideas and theoretical concepts, it is their effort to make their ideas work. The best placement colleges in Coimbatore allow you to take up the challenges and boost your skills with coding projects. This actually benefits the students to keep their portfolios updated and look for opportunities to apply learned skills.

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