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Seerapalayam Village, Coimbatore – 641 105


Karpagam Institute of Technology hosted its Annual Cultural Fest – VARNAM ’23, bringing together students from all backgrounds to celebrate diversity and showcase their talents. The event was a vibrant mix of music, dance and art.

The cultural fest kicked off with an opening ceremony featuring a colorful parade of students dressed in traditional attire from various cultures. Students showcased their talents in a variety of genres, including classical, folk, and contemporary. The highlight of the day was the fusion dance performance that combined elements from different cultures, creating a unique and mesmerizing experience for the audience. Students also showcased their paintings and sketches, demonstrating their creativity and artistic skills.

Playback singers Srinisha and Aravind Karneeswaran, KPY fame Bala and Vicky Shiva were invited as Chief guests. Lights and colours were filled in the entire auditorium with the dazzling performance of the Chief Guests. Srinisha and Aravind Karneeswaran sang various songs with their melting voice. Bala and Vicky Shiva performed mimicry with their extraordinary talents and they entertained the entire audience. The cultural fest concluded with a grand closing ceremony that featured a fusion music performance and an awards ceremony. The winners were selected by a panel of judges, who praised the participants for their outstanding performances in the events.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr.P.Manimaran, Principal of Karpagam Institute of Technology, said, “The cultural fest is a celebration of our diversity and a platform for our students to showcase their talents. We are proud of our students for their performances and their efforts to promote cultural exchange”. The cultural fest was a huge success, bringing together students from different backgrounds and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their talents and celebrate their diversity. The event was a reminder of the importance of cultural exchange and the need to embrace diversity in our communities.