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Seerapalayam Village, Coimbatore – 641 105



Headshot of Sharmila G
Sharmila G (IT 2017-2021)
Laxar Techiziants.
Software Developer

The infrastructure is excellent, and it fosters a pleasant and healthy learning environment. Faculties are more beneficial for academics and job placements. The hostel has a high standard of quality and an excellent ambiance. This college is ideal for advancing your profession.

Headshot of Nandha Kumar
Nandha Kumar T (IT 2017-2021)
Application Development Associate,

The college campus is beautiful and has a pleasant atmosphere. The campus is clean and provided all of the necessary amenities that a student requires. The classrooms are well-equipped. They do have a large campus with all of the necessary facilities. The Quality of placement is really nice.

Headshot of Ishwarya Ganesh
Iswarya Ganesh
Program Analyst

During the academic year 2015-2019, I completed my B.E in the field of ECE at Karpagam Institute of Technology. The placements are of exceptional quality. I got placed in two reputable IT firms, one of which I am currently employed. With bigger packages, the percentage of students who are placed grows year after year. The labs are well-equipped and have all of the necessary amenities.