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Seerapalayam Village, Coimbatore – 641 105


The Karpagam Institute of Technology, which is renowned for its cutting-edge facilities and academic excellence, is dedicated to providing students with opportunity to celebrate traditional festivities while also delivering unrivalled brilliance. On January 12, 2023, in the college premises, we hosted a traditional and extravagant Pongal festival.

In this Pongal celebrations our Principal Dr. P. Manimaran, Vice Principal Dr. D. Bhanu and Dean Academics Dr. V.J. Arul Karthick and Head of the Departments, faculty members, non-teaching staff and students were present.

The Pongal ambience was decked with thoranams of mango and neem leaves, giving the entire area the appearance of a conservative environment. Also included on the focal podium of decorating was a symbolic farmers’ hut. Sweet pongal was made, and a new mud pot was ornamented. In addition to sugarcane and a lump of fresh, luxuriant turmeric, the arrangement was charming and had the right atmosphere. Every class separately prepared sweet pongal and offered infront of the thatched hut. Cultural events were organized as an extra flourish for the programme.