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Anna University Counselling Tips for Students

Anna University counselling is also called Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions. The process for the students who completed their high school 10 +2 education who intend to pursue an undergraduate degree in engineering colleges which are affiliated with anna university. Since the students are new to the procedures of counselling, it can be difficult to understand and acknowledge the procedures. This article will guide you in enrolling in Anna University Colleges in Coimbatore through counselling tips.

1. Check if the certificates are reliable.

Students can be lethargic in submitting the certificates whereas Anna University counselling prioritizes the student certificates to identify the reliability of a student.

What if they submit improper certificates? You are not allowed for counselling.

And you need to wait for the next batch to submit the certificates and have the least chances to get into the college of your choice. So, it is important to check the documents and certificates when submitting to Anna University counselling.

The documents which are mandatory for the counselling procedure are:

  • Mark sheet
  • Caste certificate, if any
  • Proof of identity
  • Physically handicapped, NCC or sports certificates, if any
  • Transfer certificates
  • Counselling call letter
  • Passport size photo

2. Coimbatore top colleges are your choice.

Be on time to get into the Coimbatore Best Colleges for Engineering once you decided to enroll. Always choose the best route and travel if you are from another state. There may be chances of delays in your trip to college like unavailability of buses or heavy traffic, so it is better to start your trip to college earlier and be stress-free.

3. Before enrolling or applying, do research on your own.

Don’t ask someone’s opinions that may affect your decision in finding the colleges on the day of counselling. It is obvious that most of the students are likely to talk and share their opinions about the top 10 colleges in Coimbatore and that may affect your decisions. It is better to listen to solid proof references. There can be scenarios like,

  • Understand that their perception may differ and it is hard to get details at the last minute.
  • Education being business, some may voluntarily try to brainwash to choose the college of their choice.
  • No one is perfect in selecting the colleges and courses, they are the same as you.

4. Collect your row number.

Once you reach the premises, pay the counselling fee and get the row number for the batch you are likely to enroll in. However, this row number implies the number of students who are applied for this specialization based on the engineering cut-off. This can easily help you to verify and reconsider your choices in selecting the colleges or specialization.

5. Always have a plan B:

You will be given the approval to enter the building and meet the counsellor, who can assist you in choosing the college or department of your choice. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these counsellors have the right to let you choose which particular college you can enlist in. A counsellor can only help you through the process as a whole.

Whatever your batch number is, you always have a second option in the choices of colleges and courses, based on your preference. You can find the best engineering colleges in Tamil nadu available through counselling. There is a high chance your first choice of college may lose because there are many students who are also looking for it. And it can become tough to choose the colleges of your preference at the last time which leads to making the wrong choice. So be prepared with the list of colleges you can enroll in.

6. Do apply for a health check-up.

The question “Are you allergic to any medicines?” is one of the crucial fields on the fitness certificate. Remember to let the health authorities know if you have any allergies so they can aid you in future emergencies.

After the therapy sessions are over, you will be given instructions to visit the Anna University Health Centre to obtain a medical fitness certificate. This medical fitness certificate must be sent to your college when you apply; it will be utilized in an emergency.

In recent years, you can find the expansion of engineering colleges offering counselling due to increased interest to study engineering and can expect the desired future. So, it is now the responsibility of students to collect information about the top 10 engineering colleges in coimbatore and pick the course that they wish to pursue and the availability of the branch in a particular college. Nowadays, every college has separate websites where you can see their infrastructure, faculty and reviews from alumni about their college. It is easy for the freshers to choose the right college, and preferable branch and make the best decision at the correct time with the aid of proper counselling.