What Is the Life of a Typical Engineer Like?
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What Is the Life of a Typical Engineer Like?

In this blog, you can find the most common things an engineer face in their journey of becoming an engineer. During school, around 90% of students never dreamt of becoming an engineer. . After the completion of school, the 2 choices put forth for a student is either to become a Doctor or an Engineer. Most students don’t have fair marks to do medicine. Here begins the journey of an Engineer.

First Day of an Engineer: The motivated faces

Mostly the first day will be a motivation day. We get motivated by the opportunities and the highest-paid engineers in society leaving the rest of the people. Of course yes, a Positive approach is what an engineer wants is, Lots of expectations, lots of dreams, and lots of new faces. The new larva starts its journey. There are two major things in engineering life, Academics and Reality. Let’s get into Academics.

Academics: The First Heartbreak

Engineers are super Talented. They learn a 10 years weighted program within 4 years which includes 9 months of vacation, 8 months for internal examinations, 8 months for Semester examinations, 1 month of personal Holidays, and some months for entertainment as well. The syllabus is vast but engineers are strong enough to cover all topics in one night before exams.

Results: The Nightmare  

Engineers are strong-minded. They can accept any heartbreak. So, the first heartbreak is Arrears. Let’s remember day 1 of an engineer. Successful people had arrears in their academics. So, the takeaway from the results is “Need not worry, I’m on the right path”. The biggest life lesson learned here. “Heartbreaks in failures may be big, but Happiness in Success is bigger than that”. After Finite attempts, Arrears disappear.

Hurdles with Happiness

Though social media absorbs the time, it is common to have usual fights, disappointments, and heartbreaks. Engineers are well enough to accept things and keep going with the flow. Always keep up your attitude like, it’s okay to have disappointments, keep moving. Every mistake turns into a lesson. Hurdles become memories to share. Now let’s get into Reality.

Reality: Taste of Life

As in every saying, “Imaginations are different from reality”. The dreams and expectations are possible but the efforts needed to attain them are quite an uphill task. Then the engineer looks at it and says, “I’m ready for anything”. The journey begins. Every phase in life is an experience. Experiences unwrap the best parts of life. Life becomes fruitful.

“Survival for the Fittest” – As Darwin said, this phrase actually suits for engineers. They never get tired of failures, finally a Certified Engineer. The real-life starts here. It’s a common question mark, how a multi-talented person can choose which career suits him/her. She/he attends many interviews and rejects them because the job is not up to his/her standards. Finally, the best thing happens in an Engineers life.

Like how Buddha got enlightened in Bodhgaya, an Engineer gets enlightened by his experiences. She/he finds the pattern of life. She/he chooses where he/she wants to be, and how he/she wants to be in society.

Experience can lift you high than hearing advices of experienced people

If your goal is to become engineer- there are various fields in that. Some might think they can learn it from online but, the reality and quality of education you can get from joining Top Engineering Colleges In Coimbatore.  It is because experiences become the backbone of a person. Engineers grow as a healthy community. We make sure that all our friends doing well. We play a major role in the development of society.

“Engineers create the world that has never been”. “Engineers are the innovators”. “Engineers are the pillars for a good change”. “Without Engineers life can’t be simplified as it is now”.

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