Space Odyssey: An Idea for Building a Spaceship
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Space Odyssey: An Idea for Building a Spaceship

From star wars to star trek, almost every science-fiction film has either a gist or is entirely based on traveling between the cosmos.

But why it is still a fictional part of our life? Why we cannot take a spaceship that rests in our garage and fly away from all the problems for a “drive” just like a normal car?

Not just the concept of astronomy being “astronomical” but the questions that arise with it too. It should be said that, after the Second World War, the growth of space research and development is exponential and so the space race is born between nations.

Thanks to space travel-based companies, old and new, private and government, the hope of humankind surviving is constantly increasing. With new ideas coming into effective action from one-time earth tours to colonizing mars and beyond, to live for the hope of it all is just amazing and it’s all happening because of engineering developments.

The Idea of Building Spaceship in Space:

One of the most noticeable products as a result of engineering marvel is the starship series by SpaceX and Blue origin’s incredible services. Of course, we have very less probability of achieving space travel between planets and at the interstellar level within this decade but it will all be possible soon.

The Problem:

While astonished by the beauty of the stars, wondering why there are no spaceships yet. After research found that there are bunch of factors that are in opposition to creating spaceships. The two mainstream problems:

  1. Natural factors: It includes the gravitational effect on the ship to ascend into space vectors from the surface of the earth. The next one is the amount of fuel that would be consumed by the spaceship to travel such great distances. It wouldn’t be an issue if only there are fuel stations on the “lonely highway” but unfortunately, that is not an option.
  2. Time factor:: The other factors are in link with each other. They are in constant flux and one thing majorly affects the other one. They are Time, funding, and ROI(Return on Investment). The amount of time required will be gigantic as the size of the spaceship will also be, you know, huge.
  3. Mega-structure: The amount of human and machine labor work required to complete this mega-structure is a disadvantage. This type of spaceship will have more work onboard when it comes online. And it would need a very highly efficient Space navigation code with a logic that requires work that predates the work done during the Apollo program.
  4. Raw materials: The raw materials required building the body parts of the ship and process to fit with each other in geometry and calculations are also a headache.

The Processing Solution:

We can build the classical ship that is entirely in space rather than built on earth later to lift it.  It’s done by launching small parts of the ship into space and then joining them using interlocking technology.

And for the fuel and propulsion system, we can use an electric plasma jet engine. Its output is competitively less than conventional fuel-oxidizer engines. It’s still in the development face and its deployment of it on a large scale may take some time.

Since it is powered by electricity, we can either have a controlled nuclear reactor onboard or can entirely rely on renewable energy sources in this instance solar energy.


It is obvious to look for the ROI (Return on Investment). It is possible, we need to do is just divide the ship and feed the necessary calculations and programs so that it won’t crash both literally and programmatically. While one part of the ship is being built some others can generate revenue so that the investors can keep their cool and thus this ideology can keep on going.

Words of Author:

Arun Kumar N S pursuing ECE in the best engineering Colleges in Coimbatore. Moving on I had to say that this is my very own idea and I am not that great at stuff like this which made me realize that life exists due to imagination. It’s what keeps us to keep on going no matter the struggle. At last, hope is all it takes and that’s all we are left with!

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