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Department of Science and Humanities

Head of the Department

Dr. S. Padmanaban 
20 years of teaching experience and
12 publications to his credit.

About the Department

The Department of Science and Humanities function with the specialist of eminent faculties playing a vital role in mending and molding the young minds towards the path of success. The department provides the principles to the entire Engineering Departments, it also keeps itself updated with current developments. The laboratory of Physics and Chemistry are well equipped with modern facilities. The faculty members are empowered with the regular participation in seminars, workshops and conferences which enabled them to implement the recent trends of teaching methodology. In Engineering Physics, all the important portion of applied physics namely, Ultrasonics, Maser, Laser, Fibreoptics, Semiconducting Materials, Dielectric Materials, Modern Engineering Materials, (example: Shape Memory Alloys, Nano Materials, Ni − Ti Alloy, Carbon Tubes, Sol-Gel method) are updated. Chemistry plays a vital role in all branches of science, applied chemistry, technology and in every-day-life. Mathematical applications play a central role and are woven into the development of the subject matter. Practical problems are investigated to act as a catalyst to motivate and maintain interest among the students. The Department of English acts as a beaconing light to build motivation by grasping the communicative skills, it also offers the opportunity to meet the horizons. The department conducts National level technical symposium to bring out the students talents and to display innovative projects. In the academic year the department has planned to conduct workshop to impact practical knowledge. Students are encouraged to take part in paper presentation and seminars conducted by other institutions.

An interactive relationship is maintained between the students and faculties which enable the students to develop a sound foundation in their stream in a conductive environment.


To provide the youth with the best opportunities and environment for higher education and research in engineering and technology.

To help them to attain high level of academic excellence, technical and professional competencies and life skills.


  • To provide students with the fundamental knowledge, societal and confidence required to excel in their chosen professions.
  • To serve our students by teaching them problem-solving, leadership and teamwork skills and the value of commitment to quality, society and respect for one another.
  • To encourage research oriented activities as a primary task to make the learners become more authoritative of their understandings.

Department Activities & Achievements

  • Induction Program Day1: Fun Games & Movtivational Activities
  • Induction Program Day2: Batch Outing to Aliyar, Pollachi
  • Induction Program Day3: Communicative English
  • Pongal CelebrationPongal preparation,Events:Tug off war,potbreaking, lucky corner, filling bottles etc were conducted
  • SEMINAR on "Understanding the Learners: Moving from Passive to Active Learning"
  • KITZ 16: a national level technical symposium
  • FDP on Chemistry
  • Guest Lecture on Maths

Laboratory Facilities:

  • Physics laboratory
  • Chemistry laboratory
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