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Foundation Programme (Generic)

We have a different approach when it comes to learning and teaching. The Foundation Programme aligns technical competency to a student’s individual needs. Our methodology goes beyond teaching what is available in the books. It comprises real-life case studies, and insights into application of technology. These unique teaching aids go a long way in ensuring that the students are “industry ready.”

Faculty Enablement Programme

The Faculty Enablement Programme introduces to the faculty the 9 generic courses, CC teaching methodology, and prepares them to roll out the Foundation Programme in their colleges. Through this programme we aim at a paradigm shift in the learning and teaching methodology at an accelerated pace, to increase effectiveness. The way the faculty train the students, assess them and put technology to use undergoes a major change. It exposes faculty to the Infosys way of professional training and sharing industry best practices.

Soft Skills Programme

We want students to acquire behavioural skills that will enable them to live by principles. We believe that a person who has strong principles, and is trustworthy, is a better team player than the others. This programme aims at grooming individuals into excellent team players, who will have strong communication skills, and will adapt to the corporate work culture easily.

Student Industrial Visit

A student- faculty group from different engineering disciplines visit one of the Infosys DCs, and spend half a day there. The purpose of this visit is to demystify the image that students would have on the working of IT business enterprise. The well planned event exposes them to corporate work culture, learning environment, Infosys background, services offered to global customers, and learn about leading edge technologies through short lectures.


CC sponsors sabbaticals for the faculty, involving them at Infosys’ Development Centres for 2-3 months. We want to expose the faculty to real-life customer project experiences. This is very important, as the experience that the faculty gains here is further transmitted to the students.

Deep Dive Technology: Train the Trainer Programme

It is a technical workshop for engineering college faculty, conducted at one of the Infosys’ campus. Train The Trainer (TTT) covers an assorted set of industry oriented topics for a chosen focus area and latest trend of technologies in IT. It involves team discussions and analysis of real life case studies/projects. TTT is the ideal setting for faculty to interact with su bject matter experts, and impart the knowledge acquired to their students.

Keeping in Touch!

     •  Conclave : The CC Conclave brings IT managers and college management on the same platform to discuss the need and actions for academia-industry collaboration.

     •  Regional Meets: Regional meets are an attempt to bring all the partnering colleges on the same platform with the CC team. In the meet we acknowledge excellent performances by partner colleges, motivate other colleges in the region, etc


Aspirations 2020: We want to create an exciting and appealing learning environment in the CC partner colleges through knowledge events . As a part of this initiative we are conducting a series of contests, clubbed together as Aspirations 2020. It will include an IT-related quiz, a paper presentation contest, and a “distinguished engineer” contest (will involve problem solving, crisis management etc).

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