e yantra lab


e-Yantra Resource Development Center (eYRDC) is exclusively for eLSI colleges, through which we plan to share resources for teachers in these colleges to help them use their e-Yantra labs in an effective manner.


  1. Lesson Plans are created to help teachers conduct lessons and assign experiments that would encourage students to use the Robots and accessories from their e-Yantra labs on topics from their curriculum.
  2. Tutorial section contains set of modules based on different technologies which will extend the capabilities of Firebird V Robot.
  3. Lecture section contains many interesting lectures comprising different aspects that take student to become well rounded person.
  4. Firebird-Blockly is a visual programming interface where we can plug the blocks to write a control sequence that mimics the way a microcontroller will behave.
  5. Project section contains projects based on application of new technologies. Colleges who are looking for project ideas can watch the video to get the ideas which will be helpful in making their own BE projects.
  6. Generic Projects contains project videos on different applications on Firebird V Robot.
  7. Create Content is a new initiative through which teachers from eLSI college contribute lessons and tutorials.