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About the Department

The Department of Science and Humanities function with the specialist of eminent faculties playing a vital role in mending and moulding the young minds towards the path of success. English, mathematics, physics and Chemistry are the four main streams of this department. Functioning under Dr.S.Padmanabhan, as Head of the Department, aims to bring out excellence among students in the respective disciplines by providing them a deeper and thoroughbred knowledge about the basic facts and fundamentals among the various streams of Engineering. The laboratory of Physics and Chemistry are well equipped with modern facilities. It aims to develop theoretical knowledge and technical skill for all the budding Engineers of first year. A Research Lab is established for the faculty members to pursue their research work. The Department of Mathematics is equipped with highly qualified faculty members assists the students to tackle Engineering problems with ease. The Department of English acts as a beaconing light and emphasizes on effective communication which is essential to sustain in this competitive world. The Department of Science and Humanities plays an integral part of the institution and it strives to bring quality education replete with the philosophy of blending human values and academic professionalism.


1) To provide the youth with the best opportunities and environment for higher education and research in engineering and technology.
2) To help them to attain high level of academic excellence, technical and professional competencies and life skills.


To provide students with the fundamental knowledge, societal and confidence required to excel in their chosen professions.

To serve our students by teaching them problem-solving, leadership and teamwork skills and the value of commitment to quality, society and respect for one another.

To encourage research oriented activities as a primary task to make the learners become more authoritative of their understandings.

From The HOD’s Desk

“ Education is not the learning of Facts, but the training of the mind to think”.- Albert Einstein

Taking a cue from above saying the department of Science and Humanities is working to motivate and encourage our students to channelize their potential in the pursuit of ecxcellence through education. The Department seeks to install in students the desire to be professionally competent, with intellectual growth and uncompromising faith. It focuses on disciplined and integrated development of personality through quality education, sports, cultural and co-curricular activities. We also train our students into better human beings, responsible citizens and competent professionals to serve as a valuable resource for industry, work environment and society. The Department ensures a bright future to our students.


  1. Development of Nanocomposites for water treatment
  2. Crystal growth for Opto Electronic devices
  3. Thin film for Bio sensors
  4. Application of Activated carbon in Wastewater treatment
  5. Corrsoion rate constant for metal in acidic and alkali medium.

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